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Manager's Comments


Midwest has made the decision that we will be discontinuing our 1-800 number in the coming weeks.  There are several factors that have led us to that decision but the biggest one is the proliferation of robo-calls that we have been getting that appear to be almost exclusively originating through the 800 number.

Midwest has been getting numerous robo-calls every day for years coming through the 800 number.  The phone will ring but no one is there when we answer.  We have also looked back though our phone bills and can see that these calls continue through all hours of the night and on weekends.  Most of the time the calls are very short so, while Midwest does get billed for the call, it does not result in a large increase to our phone bill.  However, in the past two months we have gotten a bill for two calls that are in the $300 range for each call.  The call comes in over the weekend and lasts several hours.  Then we have to jump through a bunch of hoops to protest the charge and get it removed.

It appears that Midwest receives roughly 150 legitimate calls per month through our 800 number but often 400-500 spam calls.  I have no idea what anyone is trying to accomplish by placing all those calls but they are very persistent.  

Finally, the way everyone uses their phones for communication has changed over the years.  With a substantial portion of the population using cells phones for most of their communication if not totally abandoning their land lines altogether, the benefit to our members of having an 800 number available isn’t what it once was.  While there are undoubtably some people who still appreciate being able to contact Midwest via our 800 number, that number is significantly smaller than what it used to be.  

At this point we feel that the issues being caused by our 800 number outweigh the benefits.  We apologize for any inconvenience it will cause to people, but we feel like this is the best decision going forward.  Please update your contacts to have Midwest’s main line number of 308-352-4356.



Jayson Bishop




*Midwest Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.*


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